"LUX Lamps & Lights" from gestalten -- a book just for contemporary lighting fans!

LUX Lamps & Lighting from gestalten The new sources of light (LEDS, OLEDs, &c.) -- usually cooler and smaller than traditional lamps -- are making possible completely new designs of luminaire. We are tracking these through this blog and our Pinterest boards, but Lux Lamps & Lights from gestalten is a very timely publication.

Its value is to pull so many of the revolutionary designs together into one place. It allows overall trends to become evident and, by the careful ordering of images, the authors have highlighted little families of lights -- where, unbeknownst to each other, designers have come up with similar solutions.

So what are the trends? No traditional lampshades. An extraordinarily diverse range of materials. Untreated wood. Designers from all over the world, not just the traditional centres (Barcelona, Milan, Venice...). Crumpled appearances...the main effect is to show how the whole question of what a light should look like has been opened up. It can look like anything, which should excite sculptors and product designers.

But there are constraints: it has also got to do well whatever it is intended to do -- e.g. light a book on a table. (Though there is nothing wrong with just creating a lit sculpture that does not have to light anything but itself.)

So this is a very exciting book for what it shows us. Correctly -- like Pinterest pages -- it is a collection of images, because it is about what things look like, not the philosophy behind them. The only irritation is that it doesn't identify who makes/supplies a light on the page where it is shown. Instead, this information is at the back, along with some text about each light.

Lux Lamps & Lights is available at a discount via our Amazon aStore, here, where you will also find the most comprehensive range of books on light and lighting  available through Amazon.

Oh, and let's hear it for the serious contemporary lighting fans, who also have a good eye, as revealed by the Lighting boards on their Pinterest pages! They are: Johanna M, Angela Dondi, Vonnie °, Hans Monasso and Jennifer Sappington. You can get to their pins via our Pinterest page here (click on "5 following"). If/when you think your lighting board is strong enough for you to be added to this list, do send us the link!

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