"Lightnest" wall light by Frederik Roijé for Freedom of Creation

FOC_Freedom-Of-Creation_Wall-Light_Lightnest_Design-Frederik-Roije_01Is it a wall light that is like "lampshades nesting together into the wall"as Frederik Roijé maintains? Or is it "a group of soft mushrooms spreading light that gently illuminate every space in an exceptional way" as Freedom of Creation think? FOC_Freedom-Of-Creation_Wall-Light_Lightnest_Design-Frederik-Roije_03

All we know is that it is a unique design and another fabulous applique, called Lightnest, from the masters of 3D printing technology, Freedom of Creation.

This is what the light looks like off.


This is a very good example of how rapid-prototyping technologies can make possible shapes that are very complex in their detail, but which come together into a simple, harmonious whole.

Or is it a cloud? Or a jelly fish?

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