Smoke table light by Mathieu Lehanneur

Smoke table lamp by Mathieu LehanneurThis clever light was being shown by the Paris- and London-based Carpenters Workshop Gallery at the Pavilion of Art & Design Show in New York during November 2011. Clever because the attention is taken by the simple concept of a smoke-filled bubble. On his web site (a neat site with good effects -- go see!), Mathieu Lehanneur, provides the following terse, but very clear, "scenario"

Smoke tablr light by Mathieu Lehanneur scenario

The Contemporist was a bit more wordy in today's post, talking of it "Encapsulating the diffusion of a plume of smoke in a glass orb, Lehanneur’s S.M.O.K.E. lends material substance to its often ethereal and ephemeral qualities of deceptively delicate gases. Examining issues of science and the environment, Lehanneur provides solidity and visibility to the pressing issue of air pollution with a playful and thought provoking style."

It is a clever light because the effect conceals how well made it is, with complex blown glass on a lacquered stainless steel base

Smoke table light by Mathieu Lehanneur setor an alabaster base, that creates a softer, warmer effect

Smoke table light by Mathieu Lehanneur baseSmoke table light by Mathieu Lehanneur with alabaster base smoke table light by Mathieu Lehanneur

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