Friday fun: how to pass the time in the office #3 -- create gravity-defying pictures

liuwei street lightOK, so he's not in the office. liuwei acrobatsBut to create these images takes some planning: that can be done in the office!

To show what was involved for this image

liuwei edgewatch the video!

The rules are that you can use mirrors, ropes, wires, acrobatics  &c, but Photoshop can only be used to remove the ropes. wires etc. Otherwise, it would all be pointless, really, wouldn't it.

liuwei throwingThank you, Toxel, for this introduction to the amazing work of Li Wei.

Li Wei Live at the High Place 5There are gravity-defying images like this one;

Li Wei man planeand this one (see, I can't stop!)....

Li Wei dancers

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