Spock-A LED wall light by Christophe Mathieu for Bover

Spock-A LED wall light by Christophe Mathieu for Bover Christophe Mathieu has designed Spock-A, a wall version of his Spock table light, for Bover. Its obvious use is as pictured -- as a bedside light. Typically, LED lights for this application are on a bendy arm and have a bullet-shaped head. Two problems are created (both of which this design overcomes). First, the bendy arms stop holding their position after a while and, secondly, the beam angle from the bullet head tends to be too narrow (and often not bright enough).

Spock-A LED wall light by Christophe Mathieu for BoverYou can see from the image above that the LEDs in Spock-A are laid out in a row, which will create a large puddle of light. And the structure is strong -- it may have less of a range of movement than a bendy arm, but it will stay where it is put!

There is a proper, satisfying switch on the base. Note that there are almost no LED beside reading lights that have a switch on the head, so always plan for the person abed to be able to reach the switch on the backplate, or install a separate switch.

Here are Spock-A's vital statistics (no measurements for Spock's ears though....)

Spock-A by Bover: dimensions

It comes in nickel or chrome of chrome+white or chrome+graphite.

The table version of Spock (Spock-T) was introduced in 2007:

Spock-T LED table light by BoverThis version also makes a good bedside reading light:

Spock-T by Bover as a bedside light

Then there is a very neat lettura -- a floor-standing reading light (Spock-P):

Spock-P floor standing LED reading light from Bover

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