The WithWhite family from Vistosi

WithWhite pendant light from Vistosi Here is a great concept from Vistosi! The elegant satin blown glass shape above is one of four in their WithWhite series.

Each one can be used as a pendant or as a ceiling light -- a good start. But then you discover that they can all be combined to make rise'n'fall lights that don't have a visible counterweight.

The result is 25 options (25 not 24 because the shape above can be used as a ceiling light either way up).

The concept, and how well it works, is easier to grasp in pictures than in words:

WithWhite by Vistosi options 1

WithWhite by Vistosi options 2

WithWhite by Vistosi options 3

WithWhite by Vistosi options 4

The result is a very versatile family of designs. One can use any one of them, obviously, but they really come into their own when you'd like to specify a group of lights in a space but you don't want them all to be the same.

And it gets even better! The rise'n'falls have a lamp in the top part, separately switched. These will provide ambient light, while the pendant part casts direct light onto a surface below.

I know, I know -- there are only 24 options in the pictures above. Here below are diagrams of all 25. Can you work out which is missing? And then tell me?

WithWhite 25 options from Vistosi

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