An App from Bover

Bover appOne of our most useful collections, from a well-run company, is Bover. There is now a Bover app which means that wherever you are, you can get up-to-date, accurate information about their products -- quickly and free of charge!You can search by main heading: Bover iPhone app 1

by collection:

Bover iPhone app 2

by image within a collection:

Bover iPhone app 3

and then see the possible versions of the design that you have selected:

Bover iPhone app 5

Of course, now you'll have more questions. But that's OK, because you can ask them directly from within the app:

Bover iPhone app 6

There is a zoom function within the galleries of images, so you can see the products up close and/or see them clearly in real locations. This helps you and your client understand how big they are, the impression they make, and may suggest new ways in which they can be used.

The app is available here for iThings. There is no Android version yet, so only people who are prepared to buy Apple products can benefit for the moment.

The images above are from the iPhone version. Obviously, everything is larger and easier to use on an iPad:

Bover iPad app 2

Bover iPad app

Another excellent brand from Barcelona, Marset, also has a similar iThing app, which is available here.

And don't forget Architonic's own app, which gives you mobile access to everything in the Cameron Peters Fine Lighting LIGHT FINDER. You can download it here.


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