Kevin Reilly's Passage Lantern Indoors and Out

Kevin Reilly Passage set 1 It is sadly rare for makers to get pictures of their lights in situ. Even if they are putting them up themselves, often all they have is a photo taken on someone's phone just after they have finished the installation at three in the morning.

So we are delighted to have these images of Alabama-based Kevin Reilly's Passage lantern being used in a Moscow project, particularly since it is also an example of a light being used indoors that can also be used outdoors.

Here is a product shot of it:

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern product shot

There are four sizes (from H33cm to H84cm) and the standard four Kevin Reilly finishes (steel dark patina, steel ash patina, natural steel), which are lacquered when the light is used outside, plus an black finish intended for outdoors.

There is also a wall version:

Kevin Reilly Passage wall light

As a lantern (albeit an unusually simple, elegant and well-proportioned one), it looks appropriate hanging outside:

Kevin Reilly Passage Floor Light

or standing on the ground:

Kevin Reilly PASSAGE lantern OUTDOOR5

But here it is indoors again in Moscow:

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern in Moscow 2

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern in Moscow 3

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