Counterbalance by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan

Counterbalance Luceplan Daniel Rybakken Exciting things are happening at Luceplan, and this is an exciting light that they showed in Milan and Frankfurt. So exciting is it that everyone who saw it wanted to have a go at moving it -- in Frankfurt, at least, they had to put a sign up asking people not to (it was a prototype).

There is no magic about it -- it is merely the appliance of basic mechanical knowledge. But it looks gravity-defying. As a result, it needs no guy rope to take the weight, nor a large wall plate. Everything is clean and minimal.

The arm carrying the light can be moved up and down, with a smooth, fluid motion. It stays where you put it because the disc above it acts as a counterweight. Here it is with the light almost at floor level (useful when someone loses a contact lens...) to show that it will hold any position, even at the extreme ends of its travel:

Counterbalance Luceplan 2 daniel rybakken

It was designed for them by the Norwegian Daniel Rybbaken , and is the latest in a recent trend of long-armed (this one is 190cm) wall lights, that actually dates back at least to Jean Prouvé in 1950 (Potence for Vitra) via Paolo Rizzatto's 265 for Flos in 1973.

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