Mayuhana by Toyo Ito for Yamagiwa

Mayuhana pendant light by Toyo Ito for Yamagiwa.1 Let's end this week of celebration with one of the world's great lights -- the Mayuhana collection designed by the cool Japanese architect Toyo Ito for Yamagiwa, inspired by butterfly cocoons.

The image above is of a large pendant with three layers, each made up from transparent glass fibres:

Mayhana by Toyo Ito for Yamagiwa detail

Besides the pendants, there are also floor and table versions, in various sizes -- the smaller ones having two layers, not three.

They really do look as good  -- as gentle, as magical, as clean -- as this! Here is a black one:

yamagiwa Mayhana black two layer table

and another table version, with the "Bowl Mirror" variant in the background:

Mayuhana table.1

Who wouldn't want one of these!

They are distributed in the UK and Scandinavia by Gateway Japan -- which is, by the way, a great source for other Japanese items of exceptional design quality, not just lights. Click here for their page showing the collection of round Mayuhana.


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