Kevin Reilly's Passage lantern in Moscow

Kevin Reilly Passage set 1 It is surprisingly rare for makers to get images of their lights in situ. Even if they are installing a major piece themselves, all they may have is a photo taken on someone's camera as they are packing up at four in the morning. We are therefore pleased to have these shots of the imaginative uses made of Kevin Reilly's Passage in this Moscow project.

The shot above, with the lights in an inside/outside location, is the most typical for a lantern -- in a porch, porte cochère or hallway.

The space in the image below is unusual. It is an interior, but with an art work of trees, so there is still an inside/outside thing going on. The Passage lantern was therefore an excellent choice for here too:

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern set 2

This final location shows how effective the Passage lantern can be in a location which is 100% indoors. The space is masculine, with the air of a study or a hunting lodge. It is quite pared down, with dark tones, including the wood panelling.  The Passage, with its own dark metal frame and strong, simple lines, has been hung low to pull the whole composition together.

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern set 3

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