Pétale: a sound-deadening pendant light from Luceplan

PETALE sound-deadening pendant light luceplan 1 Those of you who have attending my lectures will recall (I hope!) that decorative lights should not be specified solely on the basis of what they look like. All will distribute light in a particular way, and some have additional functions. Here is an excellent example -- a large pendant which also has sound-deadening properties: Pétale from Luceplan. It comprises a sound-absorbent panel plus two circular fluorescent tubes, all covered in white fabric.

Here is a diagram intended to show how it works:

petale-sound-deadening pendant Luceplan how it works

The dotted lines are noise....

There are two versions. One is round, Ø120cm:

pétale - luceplan round

pétale luceplan round set

The other is an irregular shape, 84.5cm by 137cm:

pétale 1-large-irregular luceplanpétale luceplan set pendant lightNow you're probably thinking, OK, point taken, but what other lights have a dual function? Maybe Pétale is the only one. Well, how about an outdoor light with a loudspeaker inside it??? Here's Ibiza from Oluce:

ibiza oluce outdoor wall light loudspeaker


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