How to pass the time in the office #4 -- take pictures using the scanner!

scanner_photoshoot01 Here's a fashion series by Brooklyn-based  photographer Henry Hargreaves (yes, he of the deep-fried gadgets) that shows what you can achieve if you use your scanner as a camera.

The effect is magical but -- be aware -- hard work! Scanners don't work if they are stood on edge, so the model (Talita of RED in these images) has so bend over onto the scanner and stay immobile for 20-30 seconds.


And, of course, you won't know what the results are until you print them out.

As a result, they had to do about 150 scans to get the images in this fashion series. But the results are worth it...




...if a bit spooky.

So now, let's see what you can do! (I wouldn't try sitting on it: scanners are not as strong as photocopiers.)

Thank you, designboom, for this story.

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