Mountain View by Dima Loginoff

Dima Loginoff mountain-view-01 This is a great light!

Mountain View by Dima Loginoff takes a standard form (a pendant light with a clear outer shape and a frosted inner shape surrounding the lamp to prevent glare) but adds wit. The outer surface is a completely plain, smooth elongated hemisphere,  whereas the inner section is in the form of a jagged, non-symmetrical mountain.

The thing is, it is not in production yet! So, manufacturers, get on the phone to Dima on +7 926 900 0059!

Pendant lights like this are often hung in rows, over a dining table or a bar. The beauty of this design is that the mountains do not all have to look the same:

Dima Loginoff mountain-view-07

An extra dimension is added by colouring the mountain:

Dima Loginoff mountain-view-06

Now it looks like a pile of coloured powder -- maybe he should team up with Anish Kapoor!

Anish Kapoor at the RA

Mountain View has won a Design and Design International award.

Dima Loginoff mountain-view-05

Dima Loginoff mountain-view-08

Dima Loginoff mountain-view-02

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