Villandry chandeliers and wall lights from Fine Art Lamps

Fine Art Lamps Villandry chandelier 815140 Wow.

It's funny collection, Fine Art Lamps'. There are lots of items that only really work for north America. But they should never blind one to some absolute crackers. This is one of them, and their newest collection, Villandry, that they will be showing from today at the Dallas Market (June 21-24).

Not only is the design spectacular, but the detailing and finish are too. The one above is antique silver leaf with black interiors and accents. Below is another chandelier in the series, which has the other finish option: toned and rubbed black with antique silver leaf interiors and accents:

Fine Art lamps black Villandry 815240-2

There are two appliques, a one light:

Fine Art Lamps Villandry applique 14550and a two light:

Fine Art Lamps Villandry applique B 814650-2

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