Kalmar's 28 dancing chandeliers -- each one 5.3m in diameter!

Kalmar Oyster chandelier stil The problem: you have a very large space (in this case, the Qatar National Convention Centre [QNCC], which is 5,000 m² and holds 4,000 delegates) which you are going to use for a variety of purposes. Some, such as a trade exhibition, will require the full height of the hall. Others, such as formal dinner, will require a more intimate space.

The solution: install large chandeliers which can be kept up in the ceiling but which can be lowered to create a cosier feeling when required.

But who is capable of designing, engineering and making suitable chandeliers? Kalmar is! They worked in conjunction with the originator of the concept for the Oyster Light, and the lighting designer for the whole QNCC, Lee Prince of Light + Design Associates.

The Oyster Light chandeliers are stored in the ceiling. They are lowered 6m in 60 seconds. They also open up like flowers: the time they take to do this is variable but it is currently set at 60 seconds.

There are 966 RGB leds in each one (27,048 in total). Each chandelier can change colour according to a program.

The original intention had been that the Oysters would be lowered when the hall is empty, before an event. But they look so spectacular in motion, and because each one can be individually controlled, they have now become part of the show. So, with no more ado, here they are, dancing:


Did you see the pearls inside?!

A couple more statistics:

-- 12,700 Swarovski Strass crystals in each one (355,600 in total)

-- Ø1.4m closed, Ø5.3m open.

Oyster Light was the winner of FX International Interior Design's Lighting ProductAaward for 2008.

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