Chelsom: new catalogue and web site

Chelsom Artichoke pendant light This fascinating pendant light is Artichoke, from Chelsom's new catalogue #23, the release of which coincided with the introduction of a new Chelsom web site.

This one is as helpful as the previous iteration was not! It is simply and straightforwardly laid out, you can find lights that will suit from the tables of thumbnails, and when you go to a specific design, you can see the data you need and a downloadable image is just a click away. Here is the entry for the Artichoke applique:

Chelsom web site page detail

They showed the collection at a party held at Number One Marylebone -- a really irritating name that conceals Soane's magnificent Greek revival Holy Trinity, Marylebone,  now deconsecrated.

Chelsom party Holy Trinity Marylebone

To request a copy of Chelsom's new catalogue, please click here.

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