A new finish from Secto: walnut

Secto in walnut Isn't this wonderful?

Until now, Secto's lights have been available three finishes: birch (which is what the slats are made of), white laminated birch or black laminated birch:

Secto pendant lights in birch, black, white

All shapes are now also available in walnut. Here is a collection:

Secto Walnut pendant lights s

We know of no other collection that is understood by such a wide variety of people and used in such a wide variety of locations. People are naturally favourably disposed towards them. So we were delighted when we met Seppo Koho, the interior architect who designs them, to disciover how much fun he is!

Secto pendant light set 1

They are beautifully hand made from PEFC-certified Finnish birch by highly skilled Finnish craftsmen. There are also wall, table and floor versions. The lamp is at the top, where the slats join each other, so that there is no glare. The light then travels through the birch which softens it.

Secto bedside wall lights

Secto Octo pendant light set

Secto pendant lights in a Finnish home

See? I said they were wonderful!


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