XL paper chandelier by Studio Job for Moooi

XL paper chandelier for Moooi by Studio Job A paper chandelier? Why not? After all, as part of the same series, Studio Job have also come up with paper tables, cupboards -- even a mirror -- for Moooi. Plus they have been selling a smaller version (Ø90cm H102cm -- the XL is Ø135cm H155cm) successfully since 2005.

This is what Karl Lagerfeld says about the paper chandelier,

"Studio Job's paper chandelier -- I love this object because there is a new modernity, postminimalism without a postmodern spirit."

White is a good colour for a chandelier because it reflects back all the light that hits it. But the reasons for using paper go beyond the practical. Moooi say,

"Did the idea of paper furniture ever strike your mind? Paper, cardboard and papier-mâché are familiar to all of us. They bring back memories of Kindergarten and our first expereince of making things. Inspired by classic icons but manufactured like modern-day furniture, this furniture collection is an ode to classical style and to the material."

The shades are optional. It is for indoor use only.

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