IP44.DE make it as easy as possible to specify their lights

IP44.DE quantum and quant outdoor wall lights If a manufacturer wants its lights to be specified for contract, it is not enough that they look good, are well made and cheap as chips. In addition, they have to make it easy for specifiers to put their lights forward. Some manufacturers understand this, but most (because they assume that all their customers are retailers) still don't.

We are delighted, therefore, that ip44.de, who already make the finest contemporary outdoor lights, have thought through what a specifier needs and made everything easily and instantly available, online.

1. They have selected five designs from their collection which are particularly well suited to contract. Quant is above, images of others are at the foot of this post.

2. Photometric data can be downloaded as EULUMDAT files:

EULUMDAT screen shot IP44.DE

3. They are creating the most complete, and the clearest product pages that we have ever seen. See an example here.  Besides very clear pictures of the product, they also complement with pictures the data that is usually only given as text. For example, the lamps are shown (as well as described), the finishes are shown (as well as described). There is a diagram of the light distribution curve, plus large, clear images showing the different brightness and scalopping achieved with different lamps. There are direct links to other relevant pages on their web site, such as cleaning instructions.

4.There are PDF downloads of everything you could want: a data sheet, a technical drawing, the instruction manual, a drill template. The instruction manual is particularly important since it is often needed, at very short notice, months before delivery of the lights, because the contractor is preparing the wall or ceiling.

There is only one omission at the moment: 3D CAD files.

A well-constructed page of imformation like this is simple and trouble-free to use, but time-consuming to put together. So IP44.DE are to be congratulated for biting the bullet and not just doing it, but doing it so well. We know that they will be rewarded with further contract orders because they have made their lights so easy to specify.

Here are the other four designs suggested for contract:

scap IP 44.DE outdoor wall lightsintro IP44.DE exterior wall light

via IP44.DE exterior wall lights

lumen ip44.de outdoor wall light

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