New to the Light Finder: frauMaier

frauMaier shapes floor lights These are lights. There are three versions. Here is a close-up of frauMaier Sit!

frauMaier shape3-b floor light

She is freestanding, H44cm, and there is a 60W lamp attached to the back of her. You don't see the lamp, only the light cast behind, so they are very practical -- to light a dark corner in a hall, for example.

And here is frauMaier, the "International Dog of Contemporary Design" herself! (You can also see her in the field above.)

fraumaierHolly, our Company Dog, is delighted to find that there is another dog also making a splash in the world of fine lighting!

fruaMaier lives in Esslingen with Felix Severin Mack. Her collection, made by specialists in Europe, is about colour, lightness, practicality and joy!

Here is slimsophie demonstrating the colours and the lightness:

slimsophie alle farben frauMaier

And here is thinlissie...

ThinLissie_black frauMaier


...demonstrating the practicality. The base and the shade project forward, so that she can be placed behind a sofa, which can still be flush to the wall -- the thinlissie casting the light forward over your copy of the TLS or the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

thinlissie set shot floor light frauMaier

Do have a look through the whole collection, that also includes these colourful (of course!) pendants that are designed to be hung together in clusters of three (and so are called Cluster) and which are held together by magnets. They can be in the form of a clover leaf, or i a row, like this:

cluster pendant light frauMaier

A cluster usually comprises two of one size of shade and one of the other (there are two sizes). Installation is easy because all three hang from a single, specially designed ceiling rose.







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