The mechanical belt buckle by Roland Iten for Bugatti

Roland-Iten-R22-Mk.I-22mm-Bugatti-edition-mechanical-buckle-2 Next time you are having problems with a client who is refusing to pay the proper price for something special, just reflect that there are expected to be at least twenty two people (only twenty two will be made) prepared to pay for  the Roland Iten R22 Mk 1 22mm Bugatti Edition mechanical belt buckle.

It is made of 100 components in solid white gold with rose gold accents, lightweight titanium and stainless steel. It is constructed by R. Magnin Bijoutierie watchmakers in Geneva, with a rolling click calibration lock complication, a vertical rotating friction controlled pin and a mechanically leveraged belt insertion pin. This mechanism is concealed behind the smoked sapphire crystals and Côtes de Genève decoration making up the visible part of the belt.

Why would you need all these bridges, cogs, pinions, wheels and springs? Because it can be any length -- in other words, it is an analogue belt, unlike most belts, which are digital, their length being deternined by holes which can be 20mm apart! It achieves this precision by having five gears that allow fine-tuning calibration, 0-22mm -- "a unique reverse engineered 'engrenage' invention which is discreetly cached under the 'hood' of this magnificent piece."

It comes in a nice box...


...and costs CHF 75,000.

Roland Iten is clearly one cool guy. I completely get this exquisite celebration of human ingenuity and craftsmanship, as will anybody who appreciates a fine mechanical watch (or a Bugatti).  Just as they may spend what many might regard as a lot of money for something which a £50 watch from the wonderful Dezeen Watch Store (or a Mazda MX-5), can do perfectly well, so Roland Iten has already proved that the same people will spend quite a lot of money on a thrillingly perfectly engineered belt buckle (and VW on a Bugatti).


After all, here's his cuff link -- the "RZS Black Open C-Invention":

Interview Roland Iten

It is pictured in this good Luxury Insider interview with Roland Iten, where it is rather cruelly dismissed as "the Maybach of cufflinks". I want a pair.

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