New to the Light Finder: Atelier Areti

Atelier areti kirchschlag-close-up-grey-h Atelier Areti is a design studio based on strong principles.

"[It] is committed to the notion of sustainabillity through quality. The aim is to create products that last, both through the quality of the design and the material".

Their first introduction was the beautiful cut-glass Kirchschlag collection. Glass? Sustainable? With all the energy required by the furnaces? Well, yes, if the product is in use, and appreciated, for a long time, over which the cost of production can be amortized.

To ensure their prolonged use, the sisters Guillane and Gwendolyn Kerschbaumer, whose training is in art, architecture, product design and interior design, ensured three things.:

one, that the design was as beautiful as possible, and a classic shape that would never date:



Atelier Areti Kirchschlag-pendant lights

They later added the power of the lens to create the Kalin collection:

Atelier Areti kaline-grey-shadow pendant light

Atelier Areti kaline pendant light-close-b

two: that the collection would perform as well as possible, by working with an expert in lighting.

three: that the collection would be as well-made as possible, by seeking out the finest European craftspeople -- the experts in their field -- to create it.

Here, for example, is the glass...

atelier-areti-kirchschlag-close-up-08-h pendant light

...made and engraved in these workshops in Sweden...

Swedish glassblowing building Atelier Areti

...using these tools:

Swedish glass blowers's tools Atelier Areti

The collection is growing. see our previous post about the cute, yet efficient, Alouette and Cone lights. Since it was written, a brass inner  finish has been added for the Cone lights:

atelier areti cone applique white brass

Other lights in the collection play with simple geometric forms and arrangements, creating sculptural objects whilst being highly functional.

The Mimosa pendant, for example, offers a soft yet strong light from its nineteen frosted glass balls randomly placed on a rod:

Aterlier Areti mimosa chandelier

while the Hook Lamp...

Atelier Areti hook-light pendant light wall light

atelier areti hook-lamp-table-flowers-h an informal celebration of the light bulb that, thanks to the hook,  can hang in a location that is not determined by the power outlet.

Atlier Areti vertical floor light spot light.

There is agood interview with the sisters in the blog You have been here sometime.

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