Custom pieces by Art et Floritude

art et floritude Stella-cadente-applique-matou When we think of Art et Floritude, our first mental picture is of pieces like this...

art et floritude chandelier vegetal 18th century

...beautiful 18th century painted metal chandeliers with delicate porcelain flowers for elegant French interiors.

But what we should remember is that their core skill is working and painting metal, from their workshops in the Loire valley. They have proved adept at creating for interior designers a wide range of bespoke designs.

And there in no excuse in London, in particular, to forget this!

Patrick Jouin designed this for the Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Dorchester:

ducasse dorchester patrick Jouin

and India Mahdavi this for the Hélène Darroze restaurant at the Connaught:

Helene Darroze connaught india mahdavi art et floritude

Sophie has recently sent us some more images of bespoke pieces -- usually large (this is a panel that is 3m by 1m, lacquered white on the outside and with gold leaf on the inside, for Jean Philippe Nuel):

art at floritude Jean Philippe Nuel 3 x 1applique

They are not always contemporary in feel -- here is a traditional piece, Ø2m H2m, at the Hotel Tiffany in Geneva:

art et floritude chandelier tiffany geneva

with its delicate porcelain flowers (that can be painted, if you prefer):

art et floritude chandelier tiffany 3

That gruesome cat? Designed by Stella Cadente for the hotel L'Original in Paris. Here's a room there, with a Poe-like crow and some rather cheerier branches (see how they continue along the ceiling), both made by Art et Floritude:

Art et Floritude Stella Cadente appliques wall lights crow



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