Thrilling Kinetic Rain installation by ART+COM at Changi

dezeen Kinetic-Rain-by-ART+COM changiThere are 1,216 computer-controlled rising and falling raindrops made from aluminium covered in copper, each one with its own motor, in German design collective ART+COM's installation at Changi's terminal one departures. It all weighs 2.4 tons, the droplets can rise and fall 7.3m...blah blah blah.

Why blah blah blah? Because I'm delighted to say that, for once, none of the technical stuff really matters. What does, is the thrilling effect of the movements and shapes that ART+COM have created....shapes emerging out of other shapes.... They gladden the heart -- watch the video and rejoice!

The drops even look good close up:

dezeen_Kinetic-Rain-by-ART+COM_9 changi

Thanks to Dezeen for this story.

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