Save Artemide's wonderful Venetian glass chandeliers!

  artemide giocasta chandelier pendant light short

In last Thursday's post, we noted that one wouldn't nowadays expect to find a Venetian glass chandelier like Spirito di Venezia in a catalogue like Fabbian's.

Given the introduction of one stunning contemporary design after another, it would be equally easy to forget that Artemide also have some Venetian glass chandeliers in their catalogue.

That would be a pity because they are very good! Here is Pantalica:


There are also a two light and a three light applique, and they all come in black or white:

artemide-pantalica-parete-2-wall-light black

Artemide Pantelica a light applique wall light

They used to come in more colours, and in a multicoloured version. You will find these at auction.

But other wonderful, wacky designs still are (just) available, and in bright colours!


Artemide melissa pendant lightthe light source is in the mirrored light body at the bottom, throwing light upwards.

And the Fenice pendants, which come in three sizes:

Artemide Fenice pendant lights

and (now) five colours: white, orange, topaz, red and blue.

See?! They are great, with a very topical retro feel (they date from the early to mid 1990s). They are kept in the catalogue because there are designers who know them and continue to specify them (and they are an important part of Artemide's heritage). But Artemide do not put them in Architonic or our Light Finder, so their days are numbered, because young interior designers won't find them.

For example, the wonderful Giocasta, at the head of this post, which comes in a long version, a short version and as a wall light, is only available until stocks run out -- they won't be making any more:

Artemide Giocasta sospensione Multicolored chandelier

and Artemide have removed them from their web site.

This is ridiculous -- it is exactly the kind of design that is currently going for lots of money in vintage shops! So, come on, you chaps -- specify them!

The details of the other ones are on the Artemide web site still. I've provided the links.

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