Delicately modulated translucency by Daniele Gualeni in his Etica for Ilide

Ilide Etica 1 pendant light One of the most important characteristsics of any light is the difference between its appearance when it is on and when it is off. Sometimes this is ignored. At other times, the light might look equally good (though different) on or off without any extra thought having to be given to this factor.

But, like Prandina embracing shadows on the shade of Loft, Daniele Gualeni, in his Etica for Ilide, has created a particularly beautiful on/off transition.

Ilide Etica 2 pendant light

The central column is made from porcelain. In fact, there are two ultra-thin layers. During processing, coloured glazes are applied between them, where they remain trapped during firing. Only when the light is turned on is their colour revealed. Note that this means that each one will be a little different

This delicate core is protected by an elegant glass shade:

Ilide Etica 3 pendant light

Remember that Ilide is the new company formed to work with craftspeople to produce lights that make the most of the materials from which they are made. Etica is a brilliant example of this!

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