The sun, the sea and the sky...

copy_2_miya_ando_original_steel_painting_title_05.07.22.3_size_24x24inches_medium_steel_patina_pigment_lacquerWith so many people either going on holiday or returning to work this weekend, for our Friday Fun slot we looked for the most stunning, peaceful photo of the sun, the sea and the sky. Except that that isn't. This is what it is:


a scarf.

It was made out of silk and dies by the New York-based artist, Miya Ando, who calls it her tetsu to kinu scarf. It is intended to represent one of her steel paintings:

miya ando and steel picture

None of which stops it being a stunning image evoking the sun, the sea and the sky.

See the DFIY Submission on designboom®


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