Lucy, a cute, yet practical, table light by Louise Hederström for bsweden

bsweden Lucy 1 table light blue After so many large pendants and chandeliers, I thought that it was about time that we looked at a handy, practical, cute little table light. So, Lucy from bsweden,  your time has come!

She is small (H23cm, W16cm, D15cm) with an 18W halogen E14 lamp, so she can add light to any corner -- on a window sill, a sideboard, a bedside table.

"I want people to be able to move the light easily to different locations around the home and that's the reason for having a hook to wind the cord on," says designer Louise Hederström.

She has an encouraging twinkle in her eye:

Louise Hederströmsuggesting just the kind of person that would add playfulness to Lucy's design by making the metal shade look like little awnings. She has form, too: she was responsible for bsweden's Gladys:

bsweden gladys chandelier Louise HederströmYou don't want a blue Lucy? That's OK. There are also versions in white:

bsweden Louise Hederström Lucy table light white

and orange:

bsweden Louise Hederström Lucy table light orange

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