Gorgeous new Fortuny chandeliers from Venetia Studium in Venice

venetia studium ceiling 9 cesendello Venetia Studium are sending us all off on our hols with a spring in our step by announcing this very useful ceiling-mounted composition of nine of their Fortuny Cesendelli. 

It is Ø80cm H160cm, i.e. it is bigger than it may look! It will certainly make an amazing an impact: glass (because it is more robust) versions of the gorgeous silk shades, hand-painted in Venice, with silk tassels, fine metalwork and beads.

There are also smaller seven and five light versions.

But if that's not big enough, how about this 33 light version -- Ø140cm H210cm?!

Venetia studium 33 light Fortuny cesendello chandelier

Don't expect to read a book by the light that these give out: there should only be a 25W lamp in each cesendello. Their purpose is to add to the total light in a space (lights were not brighter at the turn of the last century, when Fortuny was creating his lighting), and to act as a beautiful illuminated sculpture. You could put 60W lamps in, but that would look wrong.

See Venetia Studium at Decorex -- stand D142.


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