All you need to know about the Bestlite, in HD, in three minutes...and TTFN!

Gubi Bestlite BL1_black Gubi's current catalogue is called Design Icons Through Time. It truly is "a celebration of design", containing as it does so many genuinely significant lights from the 20th century. That means fantastic designs -- the classic being the cream of the crop when assessed over time. (You can download it here.)

It also puts them at the centre of the most exciting trend in lighting at the moment. They have joined great names like VeniniFontanaArte, Nemo Cassina, Tecnolumen and Woka in making available the finest designs, by the finest designers, from the past.

Their most iconic light is the Bestlite. There is so much to be said about it, but somehow they have managed to encapsulate everything in a film that lasts just over three  minutes.

So I'll just shut up while you watch it....

See what I mean? Not only have you learnt about the Bestlite but you have also had a lesson in the range and depth of what to look for in a classic design.

Fine Lighting News is now off for its summer hols. We may put up the odd post while we are away, but their normal frequency will be resumed on the 10th September.

Even Holly, the Company Dog, is impatient to get away, au pied levé...

Holly the Company Dog raring


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