At last: the Best Lighting Design Products app!

Best Lighting Design Products logo Architonic

From the home page of our previous web site, you could download Apple or Android versions of the most useful app that we could possibly  wish for: Best Lighting Design Products. You can't from our new site at the moment so, instead, here are the links: you can download the Android version from here, and the iThing version from here.

It currently has details of over 10,000 lights on it -- and it is FREE!

It has been created by Architonic, using the same database that powers the Light Finder on the Cameron Peters Fine lighting web site. It provides you with the same data and functionality -- but now on your phone.

There are even integrated QR codes, to allow you to convey web addresses to your client or colleague without having to key them in.

It enables you to search by free text (type in the name of a light, for example, or its Architonic code) or by manufacturer:

Best Lighting Design Products by Manufacturer Architonic

or by light type and by other characteristics (e.g. by who is exhibiting at a trade fair that you might be visiting):

Best Lighting Design Products by light type Architonic

You can then focus in more closely, working intuitively with images, rather than text. Here, for example, is part of "Pendant lights in metal":

Best Lighting Design Products Pendants in Metal Architonic

You can home in on (say) Big Bang from Foscarini and see the variants:

Best Lighting Design Products Big Bang Architonic

and then select one of them -- here, the pendant:

Best Lighting Design Products Big Bang pendant Architonic

Again as in the Light Finder, you can send direct enquiries about prices, catalogues, more info, &c.

It means that you can present options and alternatives to your client, when you are with them away from your office, that you had not anticipated might be relevant and therefore for which you had not brought images and info with you. Or you can work on the train....

Note that Architonic do not restrict the selection only to those manufacturers whose lights are in the Cameron Peters Fine Lighting Light Finder, and therefore with whom we currently deal. If you are interested in a light that we do not include, do contact us about it as normal. We may add the manufacturer to our roster or explain to you why we won't.

For the Android version, go here.

For the iThing version, go here.

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