LZF at London Design Week

LZF Spiro pendant light SM 29 Detail The Valencia fair takes place during the same week as London Design Week. LZF is based in Spain so they are showing there. However, we are delighted that they are also present in London, in conjunction with Do Shop. You can therefore see their lights both at Do Shop's shop in Shorts Gardens and on their stand at designjunction.

LZF's is one of the most distinctive collections in the wonderful world of fine lighting. They basically focus on one material -- thin strips of (Polywood®) wood veneer -- which has the properties of lightness and, thanks to the natural patterns in the wood, every surface is enlivened. The result is lights of great lightness, elegance and delicacy, even when they are large.

A case in point is their recent introduction, Spiro.

LZF Spiro pendant light red 03 SPR SG 26

The breakthrough here was to find a way of filling the void within the outer circle. This is a problem with any light of this overall shape. The standard solution is an opaque diffuser which reduces glare but adds nothing to the effect of the design.

LZF Spiro pendant light 08 SPR SG NG-27Whereas the designer of Spiro, Remedios Simon has filled the interior with dozens of delicate concentric spirals (hence the name) through which the light passes. Because the spirals interact with each other, and because we see them from so many angles, veneer of a single colour appears to be of many hues:

LZF 04 Spiro SM pendant light 21 Detail

So always consider Spiro when you are looking for a large, shallow pendant which will be seen from below!!!

It comes in two sizes, Ø75cm and Ø96cm. Both are H15cm.

LZF 03 Spiro pendant light set SG 21 Home

The peope who make them have got to keep their wits about them, otherwise there will coils of wood veneer all over Chiva...

LZF Spiro pendant light assembly sl_140612_03-940x940

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