Örsjö at London Design Week

Ӧrsjӧ_Kvist 16 chandelier On Swedish company Örsjö's stand at designjunction, there will be a chance to see the sixteen light version of the wonderfully anarchic Kvist chandelier that Jonas Bohlin designs for them.

It is one of the very few copper lights available from anybody. Chandeliers are normally so posh, aren't they, so wouldn't it be fun if a chandelier was run up by a plumber using some pipes that he happened to have lying around....  Make sure that you take the chance to have a good look at it!


Örsjö will be launching the Baklava pendants in London, these lights in a bag that were designed for Stockholm's Nobis Hotel by Claesson Koivisto Rune. There are two sizes: Ø280mm H245mm and Ø150mm H130mm. What is in the bag changes colour when the light is turned on: exactly what this means becomes clear if you see it happen.

Örsjö Pin at Nobis Stockholm bathroom

Then, should you ever need an IP44 wall light, there is Pin. You can see it above, also in the Nobis Hotel, demonstrating that it is one of the few lights that can be successfully mounted on a mirror.

Here is a close-up of it -- you can see what an elegant, simple shape it is:

Örsjö Pin IP44 bathroom light

Finally a playful task light -- Studio -- by Jonas Wagell.

There are table versions...


Örsjö Studio table task light

...and floor versions:

Örsjö Studio floor light reading light

Örsjö Studio floor light reading light black

which, from the photos, don't look much bigger than the table ones.

That is because the light body is far larger on the floor version (which creates a cool look -- almost a professional floodlight). They also have a bit of a personality, like a tall person with a big head (me? Roland?) looking down protectively....

So you can see why Örsjö are one of our favourite sources for interesting, quirky, yet efficient contemporary lights.

N.B. It is they who are responsible for the super retro PJ60 task light, that comes in great colours:

Örsjö PJ60 desk light

Örsjö PJ60 task light






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