Venetia Studium at Decorex

Fortuny Studio 1907 white Well, first Gubi bring out a white version of Greta Grossman's Grasshopper ( see here) and now Venetia Studium have brought out a white version of Fortuny's magnificent large flood light. They will be showing it on their stand (D142) at Decorex. We detect a trend here!

Some objects can be pretty well understood from pictures, but to "get" others, one has to experience them for oneself. This Fortuny design is a case in point. So, at Decorex, check out the quality of the detailing:

Venetia Studium Fortuny 1907 detail 1

Venetia Studium Fortuny 1907 detail 2

But first, you'll be struck by the size. Functionally, Fortuny designed these floodlights to create a large field of shadowless light (which they do). But the pieces themselves are a statement in their own right -- a wonderful sculpture...

Venetia Studium Fortuny 1907 gold...which some people reverse, to get the effect of the back of them (they still cast useful light reflected off the wall that they are now facing):

Venetia Studium Fortuny 1907 backYou can also get this floodlight on wheels now, which is easier to move around:

DF60ST Fortuny by Venetia Studium

Fortuny created several floodlights along these lines and another version is made by Pallucco. This is not a case of one company ripping the other off: both are licensed to produce it. Venetia Studium was created to re-edit Fortuny designs, the silk versions of which are ripped off -- and badly.

You can download the latest version of the brochure for the Fortuny "Studio 1907" here., and of their silk collection here.

Venetia Studium Fortuny Cesendello silk pendant light



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