Otto Watt desk light from Luceplan

Luceplan otto watt LED desk light One of the most elegant of all the new generation LED desk lights is Otto Watt for Luceplan by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto.

There are two finishes: a polished mirror aluminium (above), and a black soft touch:

Luceplan otto watt task light black

Here is a panel from Luceplan explaining its clever points, besides its being dimmable...

Luceplan Otto Watt desk light attributes

And here is a video that demonstrates the elegance and sophistication of this design:

This picture shows the light distribution:

Luceplan Otto Watt desk light at night

One looks good, but more look better!

Luceplan otto watt task lights set

This is what you look like when you are using it:

Luceplan Otto Watt desk light

The name? It consumes just 8W (not only in Italy).


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