Match by Jos Muller for Quasar

Quasar Match pendant light The simplest man-made objects, if they have been done well, turn out be the result of many small but important decisions, and they tend to be more versatile. So they are not really simple at all!

A case in point is Match by Jos Muller for Quasar. You see a pendant version above. It is a square of polished aluminium in one of two sizes (12cm or 6cm) with a coloured strip of acrylic on one edge which surrounds a linear LED (8W or 3W). That's all.

It can be used singly, of course (maybe hanging over a bar with others, widely spaced, or over a display case) but, because it is small, it can also be used in groups:

Quasar Match pendant group

The picture above can't really do full justice to how good such an arrangement can look (there are great examples in Quasar's showrooms in Giessen), but here's a view from a distance of a larger number...

Quasar Match pendant light set shot unusual and effective way to light a rectangular table.

There is a range of Match wall lights, single...

Quasar Match applique single or double versions on a back plate:

Quasar Match wall lights, one or two on a back plate

The single ones can be composed to make crisp patterns across a wall:

Quasar Match wall light group of eight

By now, Quasar were on a roll! So there are table versions:

Quasar Match table light

and even floor versions -- a single one or a group of three, as here:

Quasar Match floor light group of three

All except the floor lights are available in the two sizes.

At this point, you are probably saying to yourself that that is all very well and good but wouldn't a round one be more conventional than this square shape? Well, Quasar are way ahead of you! Here's Can:

Quasar Can pendant light group


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