Nymphéa by Vaulot et Dyèvre, exclusive to Galerie Gosserez

  VaulotDyevre Nymphea pendant light red detail

Who would have thought that it would still be possible to come up with a completely new type of light! But Quentin Vaulot and Goliath Dyèvre have. It is this Nymphéa, so named because the lights float just above the floor, looking like water lilies. By extension, "the observer can think that one has his feet in the water and looks to the bottom of an imaginary pond."

Not many lights can do that!

Though they hang from the ceiling, the viewer sees the lighting bodies from above:

VaulotDyevre Nymphea pendant light detail blue

This creates very long cables. But that's OK because they are part of the composition:

VaulotDyevre Nymphea pendant light blue

Its novelty and its effectiveness (this is a jolly good design!) means that Nymphéa will become a collector's item, encouraged by the fact that they are limited to an edition of fifteen pieces plus two prototypes, available exclusively though Galerie Gosserez. There are seven colour options.

Vaulot et Dyevre Nymphea pendant light

To give you an idea of the size, the discs are Ø30cm, Ø42cm and Ø60cm.


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