Stunning melogranoblu programmed dislay in Milan

melogranoblu hydra installation Milan 2012 1 Very few of our partners are as close to our hearts as Massimo and Ermanno of melogranoblu. We have been working with them since we started Cameron Peters Fine Lighting, and for all that time they have produced the most beautiful, most original lights -- usually pendants which, in groups, provide the finest arrangements for long drops (e.g. down a stairwell).

They understand how light and glass can work together, and how other materials -- silk tassels, coloured wire mesh rope, coral, bone -- can be added to provide flawless luminaires.

melogranoblu hydra pendant lights

Pictures like these can only give an inkling of how wonderful the melogranoblu arrangements can be. You have to see them for yourself, opportunities for which are created by their amazing, drop-dead gorgeous stands at Maison et Objet and other fairs.

At Superstudio Più in Milan during Design Week 2012, they added a new dimension, programmed control of the lighting, in a display of models from their Hydra series. Fortunately, we can get an idea of what could be achieved by watching this video:

Here are some stills:

melogranoblu Hydra pendant light Milan 2012 1

The white frosted discs below are a new design for 2012, Lhasa:

melogranoblu hydra pendant light installation Milan 2012

The Perfume series is also represented:

melogranoblu perfume pendant lights



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