Refer + Staer have disappeared

Refer & Staer Ice Clear 9 detail Refer + Staer have disappeared (we hope, temporarily).

We have not had any reply to phone calls or emails since mid-May. Their last Facebook update was on 19th June.

Nor would it seem has anybody else: we have been contacted several times by other resellers asking if we know where they are.

We are very worried about Sofie and Jakob. We have no idea what has happened to them and if it was something planned then surely they'd have let us know.  So, if anybody does have any news of them, do please put our minds at rest.

For the meantime we are obviously not taking new orders, nor can we get any spare parts.

We're keeping them on the web site for now, indicating what we know, in the hope that they come back. Do check here for updates.


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