Marset revive the Funiculí of 1979 by Lluís Porqueras

Marset Funiculi floor light reading light Marset  reintroduced the Funiculí floor-standing task light by Lluís Porqueras at this year's Light+Building. They have been surprised by quite how popular it has proved to be.

We are not, for two reasons.

First, it fits into the most exciting trend of the moment -- the re-edition of great 20th century designs, also being developed by Gubi, FontanaArte, Nemo Cassina, Tecnolumen, Woka...Funiculí was created in 1979.

Secondly, it is wonderful design -- minimal and practical:

Marset funiculi floor light task light black

Minimal? "Lluís Porqueras has always sought an absolute simplicity in his designs, doing away with everything superfluous to leave the essence of the useful, simple object."

Practical? The part that contains the lamp is attached to the main stem by a pair of clips. This means that it can be slid up and down so that the lamp is at the ideal height for whatever you are doing (reading? ironing? tapestry?) and the shade can be rotated through 360° to shine onto the book, the shirt, the tapestry.

For this re-edition, Funiculí was changed a little. The bottom was made a bit bigger and the edge of the rubber sheet across the bottom extends further, making this light very stable. The shade was made larger and more efficient (the original was an off-the-shelf item). This work was overseen by Joan Gaspar, Marset's creative director.

I think that you will enjoy this charming and informative short film of old friends Lluís Porqueras and Joan Gaspar discussing this light, amongst other things.

Marset funiculí floor light reading light beige

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