A LED candle from Ingo Maurer: My New Flame

My New Flame table light LED table light Ingo Maurer These lights, called My New Flame, are 40cm high "candles". At the top, there is a flickering flame created by an array of LEDs.

That doesn't sound very interesting or new. But it is! To see why, watch this little video:


It was developed for Ingo Maurer by Moritz Waldemeyer, the go-to person of the moment if you want something truly spectacular in light. You know his stuff (though you may not realize it): recently, this for the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games:

Rio dancers Olympics closing ceremony Moritz Waldemeyer

and, even more recently, with Philip Treacy for London Fashion Week:

Philip Treacy London Fashion Week Moritz Waldemeyer

Gratifyingly, the circuit board in My New Flame that controls the LEDs is visible as part of the structure. Above it, there are 128 LEDs on each side, so the "flame" can be seen from both sides.


It can be used outside or inside:

My New Flame Ingo Maurer LED candle table light

Ingo Maurer will launch My New Flame on 8 November at their Munich showrooms and on 15 November at their new York showrooms.

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