Interieur Kortrijk finest lighting stand: Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith PostKrisi installation pendant light It is true what they say: the biennial Interieur Kortrijk is in many ways the best interiors trade fair there is. But a word of warning to anyone yet to go, navigation this year is difficult, made worse by the blue carpets set diagonally, crossing between halls.

But it is worth it for the quality of stands, &c.

So, which was the finest stand -- for lighting, anyway?

Well, as is so often the case (unless Melogranoblu are exhibiting) , it was Catellani & Smith. And not just because of the new items. Above is a PostKrisi composition that would be an excellent arrangement down a stairwell.  Catellani & Smith will make up bespoke arrangements for you: see the projects page of their website.

The excitement his work generates comes from the thrilling things that he can do with light and shadow. A Postkrisi applique looks lovely, but then you notice that there are not one, but two sets of shadows around it -- softening it, and helping it to blend into the wall:

postkrisi applique Catellani & Smith

postkrisi-led-parete catellani & smith

The introduction of LEDs has transformed his designs, so many of which depend upon light being cast onto a surface by a light source that is between that surface and the viewer. He can do things he could never do before, creating very tightly focused light, like this WA terra:

wa-terra-catellani & Smith floor light spot light

that can be used like this:

wa floor light spot light Catellani & Smith

Because the light and its structure are so minimal, they can be located in front of the picture (which is a much more efficient location than the traditional placing of picture lights on the wall, above the picture).

These tiny light sources make so many other of his designs so powerful. There was a mesmerizing display of recessed silver Ametista:

ametista recessed wall light silver

This image does not even begin to do the piece justice: the light shines off the rough polished nickel-plated surface with an astonishing intensity.

Then there was the fabulous, clean, minimal Sorry Giotto:

Catellani & Smith Sorry Giotto floor light

"Enzo Catellani took his cue from the perfection of Giotto's circle, whose blind side, made of hand-painted copper, is lit by a multitude of high-powered LEDs, the beauty of which will leave you breathless."

Sorry Giotto 3 won Best Floor Light at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2012.

So you can see that it was a fascinating stand where the impact of the pieces takes over, replacing the cool, calm assessments  that Fine Lighting News is carrying out on other stands for you, dear reader!

As the man said, it left us breathless.



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