Concrete table light by Matali Crasset for Concrete by LCDA

Table light by Matali Crasset for Concrete-by-LCDA ss 2 Interieur Kortrijk gave us the chance to see the collection from Concrete by LCDA that now includes a table light. The firm was set up recently by thee young guys who want to create finely crafted pieces using concrete.

If that sounds odd, they point out that, in its raw state, concrete is no different to as-yet-unworked wood or steel. It is what you do with it that counts, and you can do a lot with concrete: it has interesting textures, plus you can paint it, you can mould it, &c. Best of all,  it brings a depth of meaning, drawn from its more conventional use in the creation of large structures.  By creating FF&E pieces on the scale of tables, shelves &c. for a domestic interior, Concrete by LCDA defy expectation, and encourage us look at concrete in a new way. We then see that no apologies need to be made on behalf of concrete, it wears these new clothes really well!

So although the interest of Fine Lighting News is in the light, obviously, we do also want to draw your attention to an exciting new source of custom products. They have a full team of 11 people in their factor in the Loire Valley, just waiting to work with you, not just on tables and chairs, but walls, bars, &c. -- anything that you'd be interested in using concrete for. Contact them here.

Here is their table:

Concrete table by Matali Crasset for Concrete by LCDA 5

Concrete table by Matali Crasset for Concrete by LCDA table

and their shelves:

Concrete shelf unit by Matali Crasset for Concrete-by-LCDA

It is great news that Matali Crasset is acting as their artistic director. Besides being one of the leading designers around at the moment, She knows lights, having designed for Pallucco and Arturo Alvarez.

Back to the light.

The example photographed for these images was the first prototype. However, they felt that the concrete was too smooth -- not enough like concrete! So they were showing a second one at Kortrijk that has more of the holey finish that concrete usually has.

Concrete table light by Matali Crasset for Concrete-by-LCDA 2

This piece is a great example of the contrasts in scale, for it is small enough to put on a table, yet was inspired by the amazing "sound mirrors" (or "listening ears") built around the south and east English coasts (and on Malta) before radar was invented, in order to hear the Hun approaching. The best known are at Dungeness:

dungeness-20ft acoustic ear

The table light is 53x50x31.5cm and contains 18W of LED light source, giving 1800 lumen of 4000° light.

Concrete table light by Matali Crasset for Concrete by LCDA 7sq

It weighs 18g -- rather less than a listening ear!

Here is a video for interviews that wee done for au feminin in which Julien Delalande, one of the founders of Concrete by LCDA, and Matali Crasset discuss their enthusiasm for what concrete can do (in French):


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