Venetian glass -- a wide selection from Sylcom

  Sylcom 2020 Murano glass chandelier

One of the most reliable sources for Venetian glass, with a large catalogue of contemporary and traditional designs, is Sylcom.

They break their catalogue down into five sections:

  • Soffio  for "purely Venetian and purely unique"
  • Scena for "precious expressions of authentic craftsmanship"
  • Segno for "ideas lighting contemporary design"
  • Suite for "beauty, elegance, quality", and
  • Stile, in which "Sylcom combines classic with contemporary, offering the market unique creations".

To understand what is in each section, have a look through them. They are accessible via the Products page of Sylcom's web site.

You will see chandeliers and other lighting as diverse as this wide open rezzonico:

Sylcom traditional Murano glass chandelier

and this elegant, simple piece:

Sylcom classical Murano glass chandelier

But the one I want to focus on in this post is in the picture at the top -- the beguilingly named 2020 -- designed initially by Sylcom's design department, then breathed on by Massimo Tonetto (best know for his work with the FDV group of lighting companies).

That is the largest (H120cm), the 21 light, in smoke. There is another 21 light model that is shallower (H78cm), so more suitable for British, low-ceilinged interiors. Here it is, in clear glass (cristallo)

Sylcom Murano glass chandelier 2021 21 CR

There is also a 15 light in white...

Sylcom Murano glass chandelieer 2020 15 BL

...a shallow 14 light in amber...

Sylcom Murano glass chandelier 2022 14 AS

...a 10 light, and a little 9 light (Ø H74cm) in amber:

Sylcom Murano glass chandelier 2020 9 AS

The general point to make is that Venetian glass chandeliers, as standard, tend to come in a wide range of sizes. But each one has to be designed separately -- you can't just increase each component by 10%, for example. Plus a design like this is complete to the ceiling -- there is no chain that you can cut shorter.

This means that special sizes will cost a lot more and have a long lead time. So it is a good thing that there are plenty of standard options!

Oh, and there is always a matching wall light, here also in Amber:

Sylcom Murano glass wall light 2023 3 AS


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