La lampe Gras: more colours, more formats

Lampe Gras table light 205 blue To their existing colour range, DCW, who are re-editing La Lampe Gras have added two more colours: a blue and a yellow.

Not just any blue or yellow, though! Just as the red is a particular red that is used for the ground underneath gold leaf, the yellow is "...the colour of machine oil" and the blue (see above) is  "...a deep blue, reminiscent of that used in carbon paper."

Here is the full range of colours and finishes at the moment.

Lampe Gras colours

Note that they can sometimes be mixed -- the structure in one colour or finish, and the shade and base in another. See exactly what by downloading  the PDF of the catalogue from here.

The excitement about this classic light, designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin Gras, is partly based on its functionality. It does what it does, which is to be task light, supremely well. And partly because form follows function: it looks like what it looks like because that is how it needs to be made, not because it was "designed".

The new formats demonstrate this very well. For example, the wall light no. 216:

Lampe Gras wall light 216 set

Lampe Gras wall light 216

and the wall light no. 303:

Lampe Gras wall light 303 set

Lampe Gras wall light 303

Finally, there is a new table light that can be attached either by a clamp, or directly to the table/desk:

Lampe Gras table light 211 311

Lampe Gras table light 211

Lampe Gras table light 211  set

This means that the Lampe Gras collection now comprises:

3 x table lights

2 x "architects' lights -- i.e. these table lights with a long reach that fix to the table -- that are so good they will make the Tolomeo blush, DCW say!

1 x floor light

9 x wall lights, articulated in various ways, and

1 x pendant.

Enough for every possible use -- why would one specify any other light?!

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