A new Sorry Giotto from Catellani & Smith

Catellaini & Smith pendant light Sorry Giotto 9 We mentioned the Sorry Giotto LED lights only a couple of weeks ago, in our last post about Catellani & Smith (here) in which we awarded them our prize for best stand at Interieurs Kortrijk. We have no compunction about writing another post so soon after, to focus on an exceptional light from an exceptional company.

The pretext is the "9" version that they have just launched. It is Ø90cm and joins the "6" (Ø60cm) :

catellani & smith sorry giotto 6 pendant light

and the Sorry Giotto 12, which is Ø120cm:

Catellani & Smith sorry giotto 12 pendant light

They hang from two thin cables (which is why they are pendants) and, to ensure the cleanest possible lines, there is a further cable to a weight that sits on the floor that keeps everything in tension (no wiggly wires here!). As a deliciously ludic touch, in spite of the extreme minimalism of this design, the weight is in the form of a little anvil. Those guys...!  It is recommended that they are placed 40cm from the wall.

The ring is actually blue (hand-painted copper).:

catellani & smith sorry giotto blue detail

By now you probably think that you've got the hang of the naming system, so if I told you that there is also a Sorry Giotto 3, you'd assume that it would be Ø30cm, wouldn't you. But you'd be totally wrong!

It is a floor standing version, with three rings:

Catellani & Smith sorry giotto 3 floor light

Its total height is H220cm and won Best Floor Light at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2012.

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