T5 linear pendants from CVL that are suitable for residences

CVL Terca T5 linear pendant chene ardoiseThe great strength of CVL, the French lighting company based near Angers, is their metalwork and metal  finishing. It might seem perverse, therefore, to draw attention to a family of designs of which the main constituent is wood. The diffuser is a tube made of frosted glass. What they are creating is decorative linear pendants for T5s that come in three lengths (133cm, 108cm and 78cm) and three finishes.

The one below is in wengé. It has a nickel detail (which is shared by all versions) in the form of a line which runs from the top edge of the diffuser to the end of the wood, and then round to the other side.

CVL Tasco T5 linear pendant wenge nickel

There is also a cinder-dusted (grey) version...

CVL Tasco T5 linear pendant cendre nickel

...and  a beautiful one in in oak...

CVL Tasco T5 linear pendant chene ardoise ...which is so different to the white painted or metal-finished options that are usually available for T5 luminaires.

The three above are versions of the Tasco model, which has a total height of 43cm. The one in the picture at the top of this post is the Terca -- the same as the Tasca, but it only comes down 24cm from the ceiling.

The family is extended by the Trias pendant in oak or wengé, which is 108cm long,

a Trias wall light, H45cm W7cm D10cm in all three woods,

CVL Trias T5 linear applique chene ardoise

and even a floor light, again in all three colours and 130cm high:

CVL Trias T5 linear floor light chene ardoiseThe design of a typical T5 luminaire, and the materials from which they are made,  mean that there has seldom been a version which could be used in softer, residential interiors or break-out rooms. Their wood, glass and elegant nickel detailing mean that these lights from CVL plug that gap really well.


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