Highly customizable Universe Square from Quasar

Quasar Universe Square chandelier with glass bars First there was Universe Square, designed for Quasar by Jan Pauwels:

Quasar Universe Square Triple chandelier

Are these the lightest, most delicate chandeliers ever? The finish of the metal wire can be either brass or nickel, and the tiny lamps are either incandescent or LEDs. There are more random versions of Universe, but this one is endearingly restrained in its strict rectangular form:

Quasar Universe Square chandelier

It is modular. The one above is seven modules long, by three modules wide, by three modules deep. That works out at L875mm H375mm W405mm.

But, because they are modular, and because they make everything in-house (there are great pictures of the production area on designer Jan Pauwel's web site), they can fully customize it for you!

This means that you can specify a large (even very large) piece which is in effect a chandelier (because it has multiple light sources) but which is light and airy, not blocking from view what behind it -- the view out of a window, for example.

Don't believe me? Check out the set shots on Jan Pauwel's web site.

The development of this design is to add glass rods:

Quasar Universe Square chandelier with glass rods detail

Unfortunately for blog post writers, the remarkable effect that results is not obvious in pictures, even in the very clear image at the head of this post. All the little points of  lights reflect off the glass rods. The result is mesmerizing -- like stars coming to earth -- and the eye is confused into believing that there are many more "stars" than there actually are. In fact, the centre of this Universe Square is hollow (the modules do not have to fill up the central space) but the eye does not detect this. Very clever, and very beautiful.


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