Paul Cocksedge spins a miracle

Paul Cocksedge Auditorium 100% Design 2012 1 Actually, two miracles. Because there are, in our world, two Known Facts. They are:

1.      the more spectacular the rendering/visualization/CGI, the more ho-hum the reality will be, and

2.      the more philosophical the words weaved around it (in the manner of makers in France or Italy, for whom such things matter), the more that a down-to-earth Briton will dismiss what is written as a load of old cobblers. All they want to know is how big and how much. Basically.

With these points in mind, now look at how 100% Design trailed Paul Cocksedge's Auditorium installation which fittingly framed the auditorium:

Paull Cocksedge Auditorium 100% trail

And, stap my vitals, it achieves all that is said there, and more, even though it does not sound possible to do in the real world -- in fact, not just the real world, but in Earls Court II, for goodness' sake!

Not only that, but the reality looks even better than that image!!

Paul Cocksedge Auditorium 100% Design 3

Paul Cocksedge Auditorium 100% Design 5

If you were there, what you experienced was both beautiful and interesting. Plus it was a work of craft, not just art. There must have been several miles of nylon thread, all intricately, and apparently randomly, woven together in order to create this installation that both divided off the auditorium, yet kept it connected to the wider space.

It is yet another reminder of the sheer quality of Paul's creativity, coupled to his ability to bring his thoughts into practical reality. If you want something really special, really original, I cannot think of anybody better to go to at the moment.


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